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  1. GFB Electronic Boost Controller

    GFB Electronic Boost Controller

    Regular Price: $359.99

    Special Price $319.99

    If you haven't experienced the original G-Force, all you need to know is the G-Force II is the best value-for-money electronic boost controller out there, and it's not just for street use; even hard-core racers will find the G-Force II has what it takes to perform on the track!

    Touch screen interface with menu button Capacitive touch screen and new menu button make menu navigation exceptionally easy; no more pressing or holding multiple buttons!

    Choose your screen colors There are six button illumination color options to match your car's dash New closed-loop boost control strategy For the fastest possible boost rise rate and minimum dropoff at high RPM, the new closed-loop logic helps prevent boost variations that can occur in different gears, RPM ranges and atmospheric conditions

    Internal MAP sensor handles boost pressure up to 50psi (3.45bar, 345kPa)

    Still class leading performance! Improved scramble boost feature with remote switching capability Scramble boost now uses a dedicated boost preset (instead of a percentage increase) so that peak boost, rise rate, and closed-loop control can be specifically tailored to suit your needs when activated.

    You can now lower OR increase boost pressure, AND change the spool-up rate and correction, all at the press of a button. 6 boost presets, individually programmable You can program 6 different peak boost pressures and rise rates, then select on-the-fly

    New peak-hold display Shows the peak boost achieved after each boost run Remote input trigger Connect the remote input wire to a switch, button, or ECU output to change boost presets or activate scramble boost

    • Real-time boost gauge; display in bar, psi, or kPa Choose the gauge display pressure units to suit your preference
    • Real-time vacuum display Now shows manifold vacuum as well as boost
    • Over-boost warning/cut User adjustable warning to indicate if the boost pressure is too high and to cut the solenoid to lower boost and protect the engine
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  2. 2JR B15/B16 Race-Spec Titanium Header Stud Full Kit

    2JR B15/B16 Race-Spec Titanium Header Stud Full Kit

    Regular Price: $139.99

    Special Price $94.99

    2JR titanium stud kits are made of high quality Ti 6Al-4V and incorporate a hex key tip that allows them to be easily installed using an Allen wrench. Titanium 12-point nuts and washers are included. 2JR includes all the studs required for the B15/B16 head to header attachment points - this is 2 more than the factory provides to ensure a tight seal on your header. Perfect for all NA and Turbo applications! Use of factory exhaust manifold bolts and studs, especially with an aftermarket header/turbo system, can result in stripped or broken bolts and inadequate clamping force, resulting in leaks. This stud kit looks great and will allow you to properly clamp the exhaust manifold to the cylinder head without experiencing sealing problems, stud/nut failure, or ugly and troublesome rust and corrosion. Titanium is 45% lighter, stronger, and will not corrode like your stock steel bolts or studs. 2JR B15/B16 Kit includes (7) M10 x 1.25mm x 45mm titanium studs (7) 12-point M10x1.25mm titanium nuts (7) M10 titanium washers Learn More
  3. 2JR Limited V1 Windshield Banner

    2JR Limited V1 Windshield Banner

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $12.00

    For a limited time, we are offering our 2JR V1 Windshield Banner for $12.99 shipped in the US. High quality die cut vinyl with perforated backing for easy install. White/ Gold Bars - shown with and without bars. Be sure to select FREE SHIPPING when you check out Learn More
  4. 2JR 5 Point Sport Ground Wire Kit - B15 Sentra

    2JR 5 Point Sport Ground Wire Kit - B15 Sentra

    Regular Price: $139.99

    Special Price $69.00

    2JR's Heavy 2 Gauge 5 Point Ground System - the best is finally here. Direct fitment, attaches to the battery, ground point on the drivers fender, to the head, to the passenger shock tower and finally to the alternator bracket. Full grounding of the engine bay. 2J's Sport Ground System can't be compared to anything on the market. High Grade Wire, Silver Crimped Ends, Perfect Fitment! Any electrical component requires power and ground to function properly. If you have a stereo system, HIDS, Fogs, Interior lights and have a bad ground, you will get poor performance from your system. The same is true for any part of the electrical system of your Sentra. If the electrical system has a bad ground, or a barely adequate ground, you can get lower gas mileage, inefficient spark, slower window motors and dim lights. When you add 2JRs Sport 5pt Grounding Kit, you add more grounding points to your B15 to allow your electrical system to function at full capacity, which can make every electrical component operate more efficiently, often increasing horsepower, delivering better gas mileage, and crisper stereo systems Learn More
  5. PLX Wideband O2 Air Fuel Ratio Sensor with Gauge

    PLX Wideband O2 Air Fuel Ratio Sensor with Gauge

    Regular Price: $249.99

    Special Price $189.99

    2JR's choice for a Wideband! Accurate, Fast, Reliable - Bosch LSU4.9 Sensor Controller DM-6 + SM-AFR Wideband Gauge Combo - Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Oxygen Sensor Controller (UEGO) with 2 1/16" touch screen gauge. Combo includes, multi-touch gauge, aluminum controller box, Bosch LSU4.9 sensor, sensor harness, and wire/connector kit. Since 2003 PLX Widebands have pioneered in wideband oxygen sensor technology and internal combustion engine tuning. Capable of measuring the precise air/fuel ratio from 0.68-1.38 lambda (10 - 20 AFR gasoline), with < 0.1AFR accuracy and ultra fast sensor reaction time, our widebands are the ideal tuning tool for any internal combustion engine using gasoline, diesel, ethanol, methanol, CNG, LPG, and E85. PLX widebands include 0-5V analog outputs for aftermarket interface with ECU's, data loggers and any other 3rd party electronics. It also includes a 0-1V output for narrowband oxygen sensor simulation and a digital serial output for connecting additional gauges for visual readout. Touch Screen Multi-Gauge - Daisy-chain up to 16 sensors The PLX wideband SM-AFR module coupled with our DM-6 touch screen gauge allows you to daisy-chain up to 16 additional sensor modules. The DM-6 gauge automatically detects sensors allowing for a fully plug and play experience. Gauge parameters can be easily cycled as well as various gauge styles with a simple touch. Advanced features such as peak-hold, and intelligent warnings are also available. The DM-6 supports both US standard and metric units of measurement and it an ideal setup for monitoring wideband air/fuel ratio. http://www.plxdevices.com/PLX-Wideband-O2-Air-Fuel-Ratio-Sensor-Modules-Gauges-s/125.htm Learn More
  6. Kiwi 3 OBDII Interface

    Kiwi 3 OBDII Interface

    Regular Price: $159.99

    Special Price $99.99

    The smallest, fastest, and most versatile OBD adapter yet. Plug and play automotive tool that connects to the onboard diagnostic port (OBDII / CAN), retrieves information from your car's computer, and wirelessly transmits to your smart phone, tablet, smart watch, or PC. Size - sits only 0.7" out of your obd port making it the most discrete adapter on the market Speed - up to 4 times faster than the nearest competitor Power consumption - uses ultra low power (0.2 W active / 0.05 W sleep) allowing you to leave your device installed permanently in your vehicle. Cross platform compatibility - the world's first truly cross platform adapter compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Vehicle compatibility - compatible with all cars and consumer trucks built and sold in the United States after January 1, 1996 http://www.plxdevices.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=897346002832 Learn More
  7. Yellow Fog Light Set - (01-03 Sentra) all models

    Yellow Fog Light Set - (01-03 Sentra) all models

    Regular Price: $89.99

    Special Price $39.99

    Yellow hi-strength fog lights for all 01-03 Sentra models. Comes with 55w bulb. Bright as hell and no film, the lens is manufactured yellow. You will have to remove the cover on your OEM fogs with the clip to use on these. Easy swap! Fits all GXE and SER and SpecV models. Learn More
  8. 2J Metal Pimp Badge, Flat

    2J Metal Pimp Badge, Flat


    2JR Metal Badge with 3M backing. Made in the USA for long life and durability. For fairly flat surfaces. We are also releasing a curved metal pimp badge for cold air intakes, piping, etc. SHIPS FREE IN US! 3.75"x1" Learn More
  9. Black

    2J Racing Decal/Sticker


    2J Racing Decal. Available in Available in Black/Red and Met Silver/Red SHIPS FREE Learn More
  10. 2JR Forged Chromoly Lug Nut - BLACK

    2JR Forged Chromoly Lug Nut - BLACK

    Regular Price: $159.99

    Special Price $79.99

    2JR Releases its new line of Forged Solid Chromoly Lug Nuts for Nissan / Subaru bolt patterns (12x1.25mm) - 35mm Length, Open End, with Knurled Ends for easy grip while installing at the track or street. These are made from billet chromoly for extra long life and durability without the high cost of our Ti lugs at 1/2 the cost. Color is powdercoated black with gold 2JR logo.

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