Install Instruction Section

Please use these instructional docs as a guide during your install.  There may be other more effective or efficient methods of installing our parts.  Always operate in a safe and thoughtfull manner.  Dont do anything we wouldnt do!  

These products have been designed for racing and off highway use only. They have not been approved or
certified by D.O.T. for use on public roads. Special racing products may or may not be legal for exchange of
factory components. Purchaser assumes all risks including installation and usage of the enclosed product.
Installation should only be performed by a qualified mechanic or shop. Every effort has been made to ensure
the quality and integrity of these products, however, with any racing component, 2J-Racing, L.L.C. cannot be
held responsible or liable for the final use of this product due to varying applications or its possible misinstallation.
Installation instructions are supplied as a guide only and should not be substituted for factory
procedures or common automotive repair practices. Any worn, broken, or damaged parts found during
installation should be replaced immediately. All sales are final.

2JR 10mm and 15mm Race ALK


2JR Turcite Shifter Bushings


2JR Bump Steer Kit Install

Click HERE -



2JR Delrin Rear Trailing Arm - Offset Bushings



2JR Plenum Install (note Race Plenums will not use the 45' coupler or the black plastic 3/8 to 1/4 adapter)

Click HERE



2JR Side Exit Exhaust Install - 2.5" and 3" Versions


2JR Turbo PCV Mod HOW TO






UpRev Support Documents - Read THESE: Nissan Tuning Guide, Cipher Guide, Osiris Guide, ROM Support Matrix


 2004-2006 Sentra UpRev Wiring - To Flash with UpRev, this MUST BE DONE


2JR Rear Big Brake Kit (12.3")


2JR 25mm Adjustable Rear Swaybar

 SpecV (02-06) Clutch Install (not our guide)


SpecV Gear/Speed 02 and 04 Tranny


2JR Sunroof Delete Panel