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  1. B15 Coil Pack Harness (4)

    B15 Coil Pack Harness (4)

    Regular Price: $46.98

    Special Price $39.17

    B15 Coil Pack Harness (4) Set of 4 Coil Pack Harness for the B15. May fit other nissan models, check your application to ensure fitment. Specs: B15 2002-2006 QR25DE Learn More
  2. 2JR 5 Point Sport Ground Wire Kit - B15 Sentra

    2JR 5 Point Sport Ground Wire Kit - B15 Sentra

    Regular Price: $139.99

    Special Price $79.99

    2JR's Heavy 2 Gauge 5 Point Ground System - the best is finally here. Direct fitment, attaches to the battery, ground point on the drivers fender, to the head, to the passenger shock tower and finally to the alternator bracket. Full grounding of the engine bay. 2J's Sport Ground System can't be compared to anything on the market. High Grade Wire, Silver Crimped Ends, Perfect Fitment! Any electrical component requires power and ground to function properly. If you have a stereo system, HIDS, Fogs, Interior lights and have a bad ground, you will get poor performance from your system. The same is true for any part of the electrical system of your Sentra. If the electrical system has a bad ground, or a barely adequate ground, you can get lower gas mileage, inefficient spark, slower window motors and dim lights. When you add 2JRs Sport 5pt Grounding Kit, you add more grounding points to your B15 to allow your electrical system to function at full capacity, which can make every electrical component operate more efficiently, often increasing horsepower, delivering better gas mileage, and crisper stereo systems Learn More
  3. 2JR High Performance Block

    2JR High Performance Block

    Regular Price: $2,599.99

    Special Price $1,899.78

    2JR High Performance Short Block built with 89.5mm 2JR Turbo cast pistons with hard anodized tops, 2JR I Beam Forged Rods, ARP Rod Bolts and OEM B15 SpecV Crank. Machined with ACL bearings, new OEM mains. Ready to drop in your 02-06 B15! Just add your head or a fresh 2JR head with 2JR valve springs for $599 more. Good for NA Builds and Turbo Builds up to 350whp. 1. 2JR Stock Comp Turbo Hard Anodized Pistons 2. 2JR Forged I-Beam Rods 3. ARP Rod Bolts 4. OEM B15 SpecV Crank 5. ACL Bearings Learn More
  4. Cam Phaser Sprocket (02-06 QR25)

    Cam Phaser Sprocket (02-06 QR25)

    Regular Price: $339.87

    Special Price $289.78

    If your QR suffers from chain rattle at start up when cold, the issue more than likely is a bad intake sprocket phaser. This can lead to jumped timing, bent valves, broken chains and/or broken main crank sprockets. 2JR offers new cam phaser sprockets. We have these in stock! Do not wait to replace your sprocket and risk an engine failure. Learn More
  5. Aluminum (ACB+) Heavy Duty Alternator Clearance Bracket (B15 and B16)

    Aluminum (ACB+) Heavy Duty Alternator Clearance Bracket (B15 and B16)

    Regular Price: $99.99

    Special Price $79.99

    ACB+ Made from Aluminum for extra long life and durability. Alternator clearance bracket allows you to remove your header without having to remove your alternator. Adds over 2" of clearance. Keeps the alternator somewhat cooler as well. Includes hardware and threaded ends. You must check for clearance between the ACB and the alternator bracket on the engine - and add a washer if necessary. Learn More
  6. 2002-2006 Hitachi QR25DE Oil Pump / Front Cover

    2002-2006 Hitachi QR25DE Oil Pump / Front Cover

    Regular Price: $179.99

    Special Price $152.78

    Hitachi Oil Pump and Timing Cover Assembly for the 02-06 QR25DE (does not fit B16 models)

    • Original Equipment Supplier
    • Easy installation with a factory quality fit
    • Modular design
    • Long service life
    • Flow-optimized system design

    2JR offers an option for a complete set of OEM Orings needed for the install (these come with the 2JR Rebuild Kit)

    • (2)pcs - 15066-3Z000
    • (1)pcs - 15066-3Z001
    • (1)pcs - 15066-3Z002
    • (1)pcs - 15066-3Z003
    • (1)pcs - 15066-3Z005

    Learn More
  7. QR25DE Hitachi OEM Coil Pack Set (4) 02-06

    QR25DE Hitachi OEM Coil Pack Set (4) 02-06

    Regular Price: $198.00

    Special Price $184.99

    QR25DE Hitachi OEM Coil Pack Set (4) 02-06

    Complete set (4 included) of OEM Hitachi Coil Packs for your Gen 1 QR - fits all models Sentra/Altima/Frontier with the Gen1 QR engine (02-06)

    12 Month / 12k Mile Warranty fr.

    • Hitachi ENSURE FAST STARTS: this Hitachi Ignition Coil ensures fast starts, consistent engine performance, and optimized fuel efficiency. The coil is OE-engineered for a streamlined path to the spark plug and reduced shorts, and it eliminates the need for spark plug wires. High-quality wire coating ensure resilient, long-lasting functionality and minimal current fluctuation
    • ENSURE EFFECTIVE COMBUSTION: the Hitachi Ignition Coil delivers optimal combustion and consistent, high-energy ignition output. These Hitachi Ignition Coils, also known as engine coils or spark plug coils, deliver the highest in durability and operational performance. Designed for exacting fitment and connectivity, you can install the Hitachi Ignition Coils with OE-confidence
    • RELY ON PROVEN DURABILITY: Hitachi coil designs are developed in their test lab and proven tough at extreme conditions that are far beyond any operational environment that a vehicle would experience. Gold-plated connectors prevent corrosion
    Learn More
  8. QR25 Nismo Motul Oil Change Kit (All years)

    QR25 Nismo Motul Oil Change Kit (All years)

    Regular Price: $139.78

    Special Price $109.76

    2JR Nismo Oil Change Kit Includes 5 QTS of Motul Nismo 5w40 / K&N Gold Large Oil Filter and OEM Seal for Drain Plug NISSAN MOTORSPORTS INTERNATIONAL - High performance lubricant specially developed for high output, high torque engines. NISMO COMPETITION OIL is the best protection you can get for your engine. This oil grew up with that engine and its development focused on high performance motor sports use: tested in the 2008 Tokachi 24 Hours, run in the NISSAN GT-R NISMO RC and NISSAN GT-R Club Track Edition, and raced in the 24 Hours Nurburgring. The final result of development testing was the choice of a 5W40 over a 0W40 viscosity grade. 2193E (5W40) is a select, synthetic multi-grade oil which mixes polyolesters, known for their superlative viscosity at low temperatures, into the base oil. Formulated for low friction but maintaining generous filming properties, this NISMO-MOTUL motor oil will minimize engine wear to the bearings where pressure is at its highest. Learn More
  9. Gen1 Signal Wheel for B16 Crank

    Gen1 Signal Wheel for B16 Crank

    Regular Price: $96.14

    Special Price $89.98

    Gen1 Signal Wheel for B16 Crank with Bolts Signal wheel to install a B16 Crankshaft or 2JR Knife-edged Crankshaft in a Gen1 QR25 (2002-2006). Complete OEM kit with Bolts Learn More
  10. Gen1 QR25DE OEM Headgasket Kit

    Gen1 QR25DE OEM Headgasket Kit

    Regular Price: $146.71

    Special Price $118.41

    Gen1 QR25DE OEM Headgasket Kit Includes OEM Nissan Headgasket and headbolts for the Gen1 QR25DE (2002-2006). 2JR also includes the copper grease for the threads of the bolts. NOTE: you will need a E20 torx bit to remove and install the OEM Bolts and a Angle Gauge - both can be added in the options below Headbolt TQ Sequence https://f01.justanswer.com/JACUSTOMERj34ssqqy/2013-03-05_013940_em_01.jpg Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 48 total

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