2JR Crossmember Delrin Bushings- Wheel Hop Aid (B13/B14/B15)

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2JR Crossmember Delrin Bushings- Wheel Hop Aid (B13/B14/B15)

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One of the best and cheapest upgrades for b15 owners. Review by Jdmjeff99
I bought these bushings to replace the stock oem bushings and let me tell you, it was worth it. the stock bushings in the rear of my car were so torn that the bolt was the only thing holding up my crossmember and there would be so much play from the motor. Even taking off from a dead stop you can feel the crossmember shift. Less than 20 minutes to install and I got my torque back and no wheel hop when I did a launch. believe it or not acceleration torque is actually lost when those bushings are gone. My shifting feels smoother, downshifts feel smoother, and even on idle the car feels better. Just wanna say thank you to the guys at 2jracing for making such a great product that actually makes a huge difference for daily driving or when your racing in the canyons. Definitely buying more stuff of this company (Posted on 2/13/2021)
That feels good Review by Corey
Got a pair of these for when I dropped my new engine in the car, the stock rubber ones were shredded (they were like 17 years old, can't blame them for that), but damn, the improvement is immediately noticeable, helps keep vibration to a minimum, easy to install and they're nice and sturdy, I have no doubt these will easily exceed the life of the car at this point, begs the question of "why didn't Nissan put hard bushings on the crossmember from the factory?", good question, buy em', totally worth it! (Posted on 10/3/2020)
Fantastic Upgrade Review by Elwood
Like others, I installed these along with solid motor mounts (all three mounts that connect to the motor). I did these because mine were original and bad enough that 1st and 2nd would bind. When I dropped the cross member I could not believe how bad the original bushings were wiped out. I was blown away when I took the car for that first drive, all shifts are perfect, the car connects and goes, and the whole vehicle just feels fantastic. The only drawback (if you consider it one, I personally like it) is that all the engine vibrations and such of course now go to the vehicle's frame...but much much more than any other car I have had before with upgraded mounts. However, this is the first time I upgraded the cross member bushings. I have several upgrades to the motor including a tune, cams, and others - so my car basically feels like a old muscle car now. My only concern is how long these will last since I have no experience with delrin, but these are such an improvement that I honestly wouldn't mind having to replace them every 3-5 years if I need to if they end up wearing out being such a firm part in such a high stress location. For me, these are a MUST when you replace your mounts. (Posted on 5/28/2020)
Amazing Review by Jmantoo
Its amazing how just a 1/4" more thickness on the rear bushings can eliminate the wheel hop and most of the torque steering that the 00-06 Sentra's suffer from. (Posted on 3/6/2017)
Very effective Review by Dryden
These, paired with the 10mm ALK kit made a significant difference with wheel hop. Next to none now! Install with fast and easy (about 15 minutes) (Posted on 1/27/2017)
Quick, Easy, and Effective Review by Elias0619
Quick easy install, paired them with 10mm ALK, amazing ride better traction. Smoother launches. Torque down consciously.. I used an impact and cracked on of the top bushings. Self error. Amazing none-the-less (Posted on 1/1/2017)
Amazing change in my suspension! Review by Jesse M.
Bought these since previous reviews recommended them so much. Installing them was very easy. My old ones were shredded, so this was very much needed. Completely changed how the car feels now! It was bumpy and had quite a bit of vibration, but now it drives insanely smooth!! Get these, you won't regret it! (Posted on 12/5/2016)
Get em! Review by Jason R
Insanely easy to install. Makes a huuuuge difference! Paired with MMI I pretty much eliminated wheel hop. (Posted on 7/22/2016)
awesome Review by Anthony
Felt the difference when I changed this with the motor mounts. Highly recommend this item. (Posted on 10/9/2015)
Worth every dollar☺ Review by Wichy
No more engine jerking after installing these bushings. My b15s engine would jerk front and back even though it had prothane solid mounts because of the worn out stock crossmember bushings. It wasn't until installing these delrin bushings that fixed the problem. Now my car takes off smoothly and shifts smoothly. Definitely recommend these to anyone. Combine them with ALK plates and you have one of the simplest yet best mods money can buy. (Posted on 12/29/2014)

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