2JR B17 SR Turbo / Nismo 304 Stainless Catback - Carbon

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2JR B17 SR Turbo / Nismo 304 Stainless Catback - Carbon

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Semi race matte carbon tip Review by Emiliano
I have owned this exhaust for over a year and I am EASILY more satisfied than expected. I had high hopes that this was going to be a great exhaust and it exceeded my expectations by far. Not only was the build quality great but the size resonator they decided to go with was a great matchup for the mr16ddt’s natural harmonics. There is no drone when driving on the street or the highway and gives a very SR20DET note hence why it sounds very 1990’s. The matte carbon tip was my preference and the carbon tip is well on there and I had a concern it would not last but it is very sturdy. It is a loud exhaust do not expect this setup to be quiet. Expect it to sound good though. (Posted on 5/13/2022)
Town Terrorizing Review by freakyfasteddie
No competition when you get the catback with the midpipe, keeping everyone up and also waking everyone up…couldn’t be more satisfied! (Posted on 4/7/2022)
Looks and sounds amazing Review by Cedric
This catback looks and sounds amazing. I got it installed today on my Sentra Nismo and love the way that it sounds. My car is now louder, more aggressive, feels a little faster, and has zero rasp. I even hear a couple of pops while I drive. The burnt tip with carbon fiber is also a great touch. Thanks again for an amazing product 2J Racing. (Posted on 12/18/2020)
Not too loud not too quiet, it's just right Review by Nismo dude
I purchased the 2j racing exhaust Semi Race version along with the midpipe, it sounds really good, the exhaust note is just perfect. It doesn't have any in-cabin drone noise whatsoever. So if you're looking for something that sounds really nice, isn't raspy or too loud then this is the best version to get. (Posted on 6/19/2019)
who doesnt love more power!? Review by Erik
First, my order for this is not what they have listed. I ordered the midpipe and cat-back combo with a twist. After hearing the sound clip I had a slight concern about the noise level as its a family weekend warrior meaning kids in the back. So, I called and spoke to Joe, who by all means is an owner-operator and is clearly involved from start to end. Joe is great. I wanted a mufflered version of the cat-back system along with the midpipe and they made it happen. Without hesitation, Joe said "Yes, we could adapt the Juke muffler. Just give me some time to make sure it's right." He also mentioned that the Nissan hangers are not firm and recommended I get a few stiffer hangers like "cobb" to maintain the weight of the new exhaust. And so 2J did!

It arrived in about two weeks along with my crank pulley, 2-day delivery and I'm in south Florida. I couldn't resist and installed it my self the day it arrived. With a lift, it would have been a lot easier but I only have jack stands. It took me all day because of the removal of the old exhaust and keeping an eye on the kids too. Simple, if you have decent car knowledge. It did lean to the left a bit due to the weight. Something I expected because of Joe's warning.

Confession, I did a week later have the car on a lift to install the Kartboy hangers I ordered from Amazon and make sure there were no leaks. I ordered 1 of a 12mmXL hanger and a reg 12mm. The XL went to the furthest back muffler hanger arm to move the exhaust tip to the center of the bumper exhaust outlet gap. The other went on the rear most muffler hanger arm to bring it up and hold it firm. All the other hangers are oem, to allow some give. After installing the hangers and retightening the clamp plus adding washers to the midpipe cat-back junction for a more secure tightening.

I must say F#@$ing Awesome. The kit added serious torque gain in the mid-range, watch out about 3500 to redline, she yearns for it then screams more power. The pulley will be on soon and I will have an update on it as well.

Thanks 2J
(Posted on 3/26/2018)
Good sound and good power increase, but it’s too loud. Review by CPTNismo
I bought this during the Black Friday sale they were having on the website. I got it for a cheap price and bought the midpipe with it. I received the package on December 9th and installed it immediately, because I was excited to finally upgrade my 2017 Sentra Nismo. Initially I thought it sounded beautiful and it gave me that nice deep sound/drone that I wanted, but it was a way louder than I expected. Even with the windows rolled up and music playing at medium volume. I do know it takes like a hundred or two hundred worth of driving to break in, so I didn’t mind it. Now it’s been three weeks and I do admit that it has significantly lowered in volume, but it’s still too loud. Even if I’m not really stepping on the gas peddle the people sitting in the back of the car can clearly hear it over the music playing. And when I do a cold start in the morning after it has been sitting out all night man that’s where I say it’s the loudest. If you want a deep sound and don’t mind the noise it’s an awesome exhaust system! And you definitely do feel the power increase, which is why I’m still going to keep it on my car. If the sound decreases any further that will be a major plus. (Posted on 12/29/2017)

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