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2JR Fully Built QR25 Engines

2JR Fully Built QR25 Engines

Product Review (submitted on October 3, 2020):
Blew the bottom end out of my stock QR and needed a new engine, decided to just do a stock replacement for simplicity sake rather than go on the hunt for parts and try to piece together a VQ or an SR swap.

I'm very happy with my purchase; Joe and the guys built me one hell of an engine, works like new but is much rev happier on account of the lightweight flywheel, lightweight pulley, BSR and the fully counterweighted and knife edged B16 crank, this engine runs smoother than the one I blew! (though no surprise with the absence of the balance shaft and the introduction of a fully counterweighted and knife edged crank, but still, I'm pretty damned impressed).

Also had em' tack on the Jim Wolf C1 cam shafts and the 2JR high lift springs, the car idles like a dream with the addition of the Medusa header and the stock Nismo exhaust I had on the car, the looks I get say it all, the car pulls so nice and due to the bottom end improvements and the springs, I have almost no fear of revving it. Past 4K it sounds amazing and it just keeps climbing and climbing, the car practically wants to redline now, lol.

I also had Joe and the guys put a full rebuild kit on the engine, including all new timing hardware, new chain, oil pump and new cam phaser, I highly recommend you do the same if you're spending this kind of money on a fresh engine, I had a fresh head installed as well for peace of mind.

I went through a normal 1000 mile break in process with the engine; I used the cheapest conventional 10w40 I could find (that being O'Reilys) for the initial 30 minutes and kept it between 2K and 3K to flush any shavings or junk out from the machining process and do some initial wear, drained that, then put some of the Motul 10w40 break in oil Joe has on the site in it and did vacuum pulls for about 30 miles on a untraveled country road, then finished the first 500 miles and put more Motul 10w40 break in oil in and ran it for an additional 500 miles before switching to some Valvoline 5w40 full synthetic, doing this, car doesn't burn a drop of oil and runs like I just got a 2003 Spec V from the factory, but better, way better.

TL:DR; Car kicks ass now, new engine runs like a champ and sounds like it wants to fight you, I love it, thanks a million Joe and 2J staff!