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  1. B15 JWT Turbo Reflash (02-03)

    B15 JWT Turbo Reflash (02-03)


    Finally a JWT reflash for your turbo 02-03 B15 ECU (QR25). Good for up to 350whp. For best performance, must match up with our 2JR injectors as the tune is based specifically off these injectors. Lead time is approximately 3 weeks for a reflash once the ECU is received.

    Reflashes your 02-03 Spec-V ECU for:

    • 2JR Siemens Injectors
    • Stock MAF
    • 9.5-1 or 8.5-1 Compression
    • Speed Limiter Removal
    • Increased Rev Limiter
    We also offer a core swap. We send in our 02-03 ECU to be flashed. Once complete JWT will send it to you and you return your working 02-03 ECU to us. Core is $125, less $25 shipping. You'll receive a $100 refund when your ECU is received back. CORE SWAP ONLY FOR NON-NATS CARS Learn More
  2. 2JR Siemens/Deka 633cc Injectors (also for JWT Turbo Reflash)

    2JR Siemens/Deka 633cc Injectors (also for JWT Turbo Reflash)


    The best injector for your boosted B15. For HP up to 360whp, and specifically tuned for JWT's 02-03 Turbo Reflash. Dont settle for inferior redrilled injectors (deatschwerks). These are genuine, reliable siemens Injectors with excellent response characteristics. These injectors flow 60 lbs/hr at 43.5 PSI ( 3 BAR ) and up to 85 lbs/hr at 87 PSI. A perfect match for nearly all B15 turbo applications. Choose the direct fit connectors for no splicing to your stock wiring harness. Just plug and play! Learn More
  3. B15 Treadstone MAF Adapter

    B15 Treadstone MAF Adapter


    The Treadstone mass air flow adapter manufactured for the Spec V kit was specificaly designed to seal under high boost pressures, and incorporates a bead rolled lip to keep couplers from blowing off and a rubber gasket. Learn More
  4. Turbo Manifold Bolt and Gasket Kit  / M10 x 1.25" Thread pitch T3 Gasket

    Turbo Manifold Bolt and Gasket Kit / M10 x 1.25" Thread pitch T3 Gasket


    No need in waiting for the manifold to get to you, save time by purchasing a manifold bolt and gasket kit for your specific manifold. # 6-Crimp lock nuts, will never vibrate loose # 6-Flat washers(lock washers show) # 2-Stainless steel crush gaskets # 6-Grade A automotive studs Note: All manifolds use M8 x 1.25" thread pitch for Wastegate studs Learn More
  5. Revel VLS 52mm 30inHg-45PSI Digital OLED Boost Gauge

    Revel VLS 52mm 30inHg-45PSI Digital OLED Boost Gauge

    Regular Price: $168.99

    Special Price $160.99

    The Revel VLS 2 1/16 in. (52mm) gauges allow you to keep tabs on the engine’s vital signs while minimizing the time spent looking away from the road. The OLED display used in the VLS gauges provide a crisp, clear display that does not require a backlight, which allows for an ultra slim profile that maximizes versatility and encourages creative mounting solutions. The numeric OLED display is accompanied by an LED ring around the perimeter of the gauge for readings at a glance. Revel VLS gauges have been designed to connect in sequence, minimizing wiring to keep your install clean. Once the first gauge is connected, adding another is as easy as plugging in the provided harness to the original gauge and routing it to the additional gauge – no need to connect each gauge individually to power. Each gauge comes packaged with the associated sensor, sun shade, mounting bracket, and all necessary wiring. 2 1/16 in. (52mm) diameter gauge 30 inHG to 45 PSI reading Digital OLED display 30 LED outer ring Daisy chain compatible Boost sensor included Mounting kit included Full Info Here: https://www.revel-usa.com/vls/boost.html Learn More
  6. Hard Line Upgrade Kit

    Hard Line Upgrade Kit

    Regular Price: $298.98

    Special Price $279.77

    Hard Line Upgrade Kit For the 2JR Air/Water turbo kit. Hard water lines, prefabbed, cut to length with HEX center bolts for easier install on the turbo housing. Vibrant fittings and adapters. Replaces vibrant braided water lines. Learn More
  7. BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster – (116 Octane)

    BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster – (116 Octane)

    Regular Price: $32.99

    Special Price $29.99

    Professional Racing Octane Booster - Quart Bottle There are a lot of additives that make claims about what they can do for your performance. BOOSTane is not one of those fuel additives. Utilizing a proprietary, patent pending blend, BOOSTane effectively raises your octane 23 points, to as high 116! Professional is focused on very high performance tuning and racing applications requiring high octane. Don’t trust claims, only in results. BOOSTane is the product of years of engineering and racing pedigree, and winner of the coveted SEMA LaunchPad Product of the Year for its innovation. Get 6 cans for $164! HIGHER Compression Engines Proprietary chelated carrier Anti-corrosion against ethanol Cleaning agents Anti-carbon build up NOT STREET LEGAL UPS Ground Shipping ONLY Learn More
  8. Turbo Oil Drain Kit - QR25 (Gen 1)

    Turbo Oil Drain Kit - QR25 (Gen 1)

    Regular Price: $149.99

    Special Price $139.45

    Turbo Oil Drain Kit - QR25 (Gen 1) Only recommend for small turbo - i.e. T28 series. Uses the OEM dipstick port in the upper oil pan. Includes billet adapter, 10AN fitting for your drain line, compression fitting, OEM oring and dip stick. For install - please watch our 2JR Turbo Kit video on Youtube. You will need to cut your OEM dipstick tube to the correct length and adjust to fit the attachment point on the water pump housing (tab). Then cut the dipstick we provide right below the plastic - and use as the cap at the top of the dipstick tube. You cannot have a dipstick rod in the tube with this kit - it will prevent the turbo from draining. Learn More
  9. B15 QR Stainless Flex Resonated Midpipe 2.5"

    B15 QR Stainless Flex Resonated Midpipe 2.5"

    Regular Price: $269.99

    Special Price $219.99

    Limited Run of Resonated Midpipes for the QR B15 Chassis with a flex section are now available in 2.5". Made from 304 Stainless Steel and mandrel bent to ensure the highest flow then paired with a stainless flex section and resonator to reduce rasp and noise. Will fit on the OEM and aftermarket exhausts as well as 2JR and aftermarket 4-1 headers. Includes rear gasket, bolts and nuts. You can add an optional OEM donut gasket or reuse your existing one. Made by 2JR and hand welded to perfection. We use only the best exhaust components for a complete full stainless system. Stainless perforated core for extra long life. The resonator can be subbed out for a cat in the options. This will add about 1 week production time. Sounds absolutely AMAZING
    Learn More
  10. 2JR Gold Heat Reflective/ Protective Tape

    2JR Gold Heat Reflective/ Protective Tape

    Regular Price: $59.99

    Special Price $39.99

    2JR High Heat reflective tape - up to 40% reduction in radiant heat on intake plenums and intakes. So much so, that when tested on a ND Miata, IAT temps remained at Ambient in the engine bay! Down from over 130deg to just equal to the outside air temp. Protects firewalls and heat shielding. Constructed of highly reflective metalized polyimide film Withstands up to 675°F Reflects heat and protects sensitive engine components from high temperatures Self-adheres using a high temperature pressure sensitive adhesive 2" x 35 Feet Roll Learn More

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